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2015 U19 Basketball When Chris went to the airport after receiving Brook, the two talked about in the car this detail. Chris said: "Hey, the fourth quarter, I saw Tim leaned in your ear to say something, he said Shaa?"
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Jordan 4 Cavs Brooke hear this question, the smile like a flower brilliant general, he gives a wonderful answer: Duncan sang a song in his ear, from Guns N 'Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle", the beginning of the two is "Welcome to the Jungle! We've got fun and games! (Welcome to the Jungle, we are here to play fun!)" Brooke said Duncan was so funny in his ear all night.
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Air Max Yeezy While Duncan and Brook - Lopez did not have much common ground, but only this one thing, it has let Brooke - Lopez never forget the image of Duncan.
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Jordan 11 Tuxedo Commonly known as Guns N 'Roses Guns N' Roses, it was established in 1985 in a Hollywood American hard rock band, which is the peak of the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. So far still has a huge influence in the music industry, especially the rock world.
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