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On the market there are many types of flashlights, there are photos of jade, violet, police, tactical hunting, explosion-proof flashlight, etc. styles and types, each led flashlight has its own different characteristics, such as care jade texture photo jade rechargeable flashlight, detecting fluorescence hardener violet flashlight and so on. Today to introduce the explosion-proof flashlight, explosion-proof flashlight is what?-Proof flashlight is small lamps highlight the need for developed, security is relatively high, commonly used in electric power, fire protection, mining and flammable and explosive places, so the user the choice of explosion flashlight brand and quality are more stringent domestic flashlight relatively good quality and service ocean King, tank007, SureFire flashlights and other manufacturers.

Flashlight selection criteria

1, light the wick to take imports, high energy, range far

2, waterproof drop resistance

3, battery durability, endurance capacity, charge and discharge protection have missed

4, buy flashlight brand better service

5, explosion-proof flashlight wholesale best choice for a bigger brand, have their own factories, which produce custom or getting goods are better communication.

Many in the industry to identify the users like to carry special high lumen flashlight according to Yu, according to Yu flashlight is a commonly used tool to identify genuine and fake jade. Many people know that according to Yu flashlight can identify jade, but do not know how to identify jade, taken in the identification process and to what effect. The following exploration and customer work together to understand the use of a flashlight according to Yu and identification process. According to Yu flashlight which brand is good, how to select, for many industries to identify interested novice users, how to choose according to Yu flashlight is more difficult.

According to Jade dedicated flashlight which brand is good?

Currently on the market black light flashlights business are many, but there are photos of jade, jade industry function flashlight to see not many choose this column flashlight attention to these points on it.

1, the number of lumens brightness flashlight, wick from where, what torch is making material, how much battery capacity, what type, can direct charge.

2, according to the white jade Shoudian Tong Hai Shi yellow

3, flashlight endurance how, not heavy

4, it is not factory-direct the production, foundry [without such a low purchase cost, quality assurance]

5, how to service
UV led flashlight
keychain flashlight
Luo Peter
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