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Many people think that, when using the same battery, the brighter the flashlight is, the better the flashlight is.In fact, this opinion is not always right. But they do not consider the burning time and the the lumen efficiency. This article will share you some ideas about how to tell a flashlight is better

A head light is important to you as well
Heart rate monitor,GPS,Repair tools and spare inner tube tire repair tools.
Here i would like to recommend a good bike flashlight-ZM112 from tank007.
ZM112 is the best EDC flashlight,which adapts the USA LED lights
and convex lens focus design.It is can reach 260 lumens, It use 2*AA battery, and its range can reach 200m,
It has the projection function, which can project the pictures set in advance, which Equipped with two-way clip and lanyard

Have trouble in detecting leaks in your air conditioner? Now, there is an easy way to help you. With the help of black light flashlight, you can easily find the leaks.

1. Add the fluorescent agents to the air conditioner and make them circulate in the system
2. wait about two hours, the agents will gather at the leak ports
3. Shine the system with Tank007 UV flashlight
4. Where there is blue light, there is a leak.

1000 lumen flashlight
best pocket flashlight
Luo Peter
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