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KD 7 Yeezy According to ESPN reports, Tim - Tim Duncan has always been the style of solid, constant expression, unsmiling known, but a few days ago, Brooklyn Nets center Brook - Lopez's brother Chris - Lopez said in an interview, had told the court Duncan his brother sing.
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LeBron 11 Dunkman Chris Lopez, Nets center Brook - Lopez's brother, he talked about something interesting happened in 2010 in an interview.
"Brooke was against the Spurs, his opponent was Tim, I was watching the game on television," - Chris Brooks said, "The game was on January 11, 2010, is the last road trip field that day they came home in the morning I go to the airport to pick him up. That game Brooke did well, he got 28 points and 11 rebounds and three blocks. "
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KD 6 Hero "During a pause, my impression is the fourth in the middle of a pause," Chris recalls, "I saw the Nets players combined onto the track after a pause. Brooke stood aside, Tim stood him Next, they are bent, they stood at one end the free-throw line, they get very close. I saw Tim Brook near, it seems in his ear and said something, and then I thought, 'he in the end to my brother say what? '"
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Jordan 13 Playoffs Chris said he has great respect for Tim - Tim Duncan's game, so he wanted to know Buddha in the end of the Brook - Lopez said something.
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Jordan 6 Black Infrared;
KD 7 Calm Before the Storm;
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