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Having a its return reported previously this past Spring 2015, new images of the Air Jordan 12 French Blue are presented, as we're expected to start to see the model at store shelving by early next year.

The mens jordans for cheap French Blue may not be an OG colorway, but many adore it more than traditional iterations of the silhouette. Final seen in 2004, the popular finish is scheduled to receive its first retro treatment after twelve years finally, as being the model celebrates its the twentieth anniversary in 2016. Staying true to its original discharge, the silhouette retains its distinctive and adored finish, as previously seen from its initial debut in 2004. Additional touches are evidenced by Material Silver accents gracing the very best eyelets and subtle Dark Jumpman branding on the language. In addition , subtle grey energy adorn the midsole which can be detailed with more branding.

Retaining its distinctive palette all round, the silhouette is made up of White tumbled leather, although running sneakers on sale overlays are usually prominent on its front foot, outsole unit and back portion. Metallic Silver features provided by the top eyelets, Black Jumpman branding on the tongue and subtle Grey panels on the relative sides consist as notable contrasting elements.
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