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Kobe 9 BHM Not the season curtain, Minnesota Timberwolves suffered heavy losses, coach and president of Sanders died. But the young Timberwolves have not been knocked out of this bad news, they began the new season with two wins in the best way they comfort Sanders. In-game winning streak, while the Timberwolves hope to see the rise of the team's future - champion Lang Downs.
Kobe 9 Elite;
Kobe 9 Elite Low;
KD 7 Carnival This year's rookie players, Downs is considered the most has a potential, but give the combat capability of the team aspect, he was considered as good as the third overall pick Emeka Okafor. But after the regular season, he played two, people found the champion is the champion, Downs strength is really unusual.
Nike Lebron XII(12);
Nike Lebron XI(11);
Nike Kevin durant vii R"Our performance in the post-start is not good, I could not find the proper rhythm," Nuggets coach Malone said, "We can not put the ball dropped into the Downs, we do nothing, he used performance proved why he Young is one of the best big man in the NBA. "enable rival coach commented, Downs outstanding evident.
Nike KD 6 NSW;
Lebron 11 South Beach However, compared with individual performance, more value Downs or the team's victory, he said: "Tomorrow we can go to the identity of the winner of our coach's funeral, which is more important to me."
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KD 7 For Sale;
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