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Baking soda in Shampoo

Add baking cake with soda in the shampoo, shampoo can replace the expensive special. Using this homemade soda shampoo in accordance with normal procedures for shampoo, can let a hair to deep clean, thoroughly remove the residue of the hair products on the hair.

With sunscreen to protect hair after dyeing
Strong sunlight is not only damage the hair, also is to let the hair hair fade is one of the important reasons, therefore, in order to prevent sun damage, sunscreen and distilled water by 1 to 3 ratio mixed, then go in before the spray in the hair. Can do a good job of hair.

Work in the sun.
A few days ago, a forum called "Asian hair loss full lace wig uk forum" held in Beijing, from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places in the field of Department of dermatology experts attended the seminar. The forum by Hangzhou moshadong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. launched and organized.
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