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further deterioration of male hair loss

Smoking may damage the hair follicle, affect the scalp blood and circulating hormones or lead to increased estrogen. If you smoke, so hair loss probability will be greatly increased, those who show early signs of male hair loss, should consider to give up smoking, to prevent further deterioration of male hair loss.

Secondly, urban life tense and full of pressure, and of men compared to women who have more pressure, pressure in life and work together, serious will cause anxiety, insomnia, irritability, fear, tension, leading to disorders of the nervous system, digestive disorders, low immunity, endocrine disorders, causing hair loss in men, why this is hair loss.

Pressure, insomnia and human hair wigs hair loss reason, staying up late to work overtime for many people is commonplace, in the computer has become a main office tools of today, which means a day on the face computer time prolonged, and irregular work and rest sleep late and get up late time longer cannot Zaoshuizaoqi good quality.
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