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Men have hair hair president Feng Shui secret

What is the man most a face thing? Save face is the face. And even if the mean of their face, as long as the good maintenance of their wigshumanhair hair, decades later became a modern people still is not difficult. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences had done an experiment, subjects were only by first impressions of choice, many strange run for people who are the most competitive, the result was selected photos in unexpectedly have 70% with the 2006 mid-term elections in the United States Senate and gubernatorial elections coincide.

Political scientists spent 50 years of time, try to use the media campaign for voters, seems to have finally found a more practical direction. Eight years, old age of 16 Clinton the vicissitudes of life change Bush handsome not said here is president family thing, sorrow bald cup had happened in every president of the United States. Clinton - just entered the palace or half of the hair brown good comrades, but only two years becomes "the silver haired old man";

George W. Bush before the hair glueless full lace wigs uk are still "salt and pepper", a blink of an eye are all into the "salt". Generally seen them into Riliwanji male photos before and after the house said a lot of pressure.
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