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recurrence are more likely to cause hair loss

Study found that sleep time length and hair loss has no significant relationship, and is closely related to the sleep time sooner or later and full lace wigs hair loss, so this is often stay up late, sleep late than early recurrence are more likely to cause hair loss.

Finally, the information age, a lot of people surf the Internet every day for more than eight hours, work time and your entertainment time, day time almost in front of the computer to spend, especially for men, workaholic or play games that use computer for a long time, and the face of the computer will involuntary mental stress, fatigue, time is too long will make long-term central nervous system in a state of tension, autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction function disorder, scalp of local vasoconstriction the blood supply is reduced, resulting in hair follicle malnutrition, causing the cause of male pattern baldness. While the computer radiation may also be the cause of male hair loss.
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