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Losing contacts from your phone is quite dreadful as you are unable to get in touch with anyone. Also collecting so many numbers can be tricky and time consuming. You might lose the contacts due to many reasons like careless handling of the Android device, accidently or due to some technical fault as well. In all of the cases, you will just want that your contacts are restored back in the device. If you come across a similar problem in any of your Android phone, you only have to install the data recovery software and will be able to retrieve the data.

recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6

how to recover deleted text messages from Galaxy S6

Here is a quick snapshot of how you will go about to recover deleted contacts from android phones.

Step 1 – Before you get started, you should install the Android data recovery software on the computer. In order to install it, you need to run the program and click “next” until the installation is finished. You will find icon on the main screen of your computer.

Step 2 – Now use a data cable to connect the computer with the Android device. If the device is not visible in the drives, make sure that the driver is installed. If not then you will first have to install the driver and then proceed.

Step 3 – The third step is to enable USB debugging only then the recovery process can be performed. For this you need to follow these steps, Settings – About Phone – Build Number. Tao it unless you get a message “Your device is under developer mode”. Now come back to Settings – Developer options and search for USB debugging, enable it.

Step 4 – Scan the device again so that the connection can be established. The recover tool will now search for your device and the different options will come your way. The files which you wish to restore will be open before you, thus you can select contacts from it and click on next. Recover all the contacts and save them on the computer.

Though the process of recovering the contacts is easy but it will be good if you backup the contacts as well so that you need not face any problem. Rather than getting panic it is better to find a solution that actually works. So why are you wasting time, if the contacts have been deleted just follow the above steps and you will definitely be able to retrieve all he contacts.

recover data after factory reset Samsung galaxy S5
recover contacts after factory reset Android


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To get deleted contacts back from Samsung Galaxy s6, this Samsung Recovery tool could be your salvation.
Learn more, you could read at this related blog.
Serena Claire
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