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lebron 12 dunk According to the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" reported, although the Cavaliers headed star LeBron - James since the start of training camp by back problems, but from the start of the regular season, three games of view, the fourth regular season MVP offensive efficiency remains high.
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cheap kobe 9 beethoven " Yesterday, the Cavs at home to 102-92 victory over the Miami Heat, facing his former team, James scored a team-high 29 points. But after the game, he specifically praised the performance of the same good Kevin - Lufkin, Lufkin, he not only reaffirmed the main point of attack Cavaliers, and said: "Loew once again proved why he is the league's best big One striker. "
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Easter KD 7 While Loew's performance this season really make an impact, in particular, and he demonstrated last season compared suited, but James was "quietly" to play an efficient start.
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Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Easter Despite the away game against the Grizzlies did not say that field, in yesterday's game, James shot 13, 19, 12, 8 within the restricted area; opener beat the Bulls, James 12 of 22 shots to get 25 points, 9 of 13 shots inside the penalty area in.
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